World Spelling Day Tips and Trick

This is only some of the question ok. I think this is for adult category, but I’m not really sure.Good luck!

Level 1

1.   Don’t sneer at me!

2.   You need to take a spoonful of medicine

3.   The meal was tender after being stewed for several hours

4.   I absolutely love that painting

5.   The nurse gave me an injection

6.   When you squat down, you use lots of leg muscles

7.   Sometimes I feel weak if I don’t eat

8.   Miranda could not remember where she had put her spelling book

9.   I rarely go out for dinner

10.  Fran was rapidly catching up with the other runners

11.  I know my nine times tables

12.  Alex loved his book on magic tricks

13.  When the oil is hot allow the spices to sizzle for five minutes

14.  Our class is having a spelling bee

15.  It is normal for our class to start the day with spelling

16.  The food allocation was barely adequate

17.  Are you ready for the next question?

18.  The visitors were given a warm welcome

19.  Most plants grow best in moist soil

20.  I have known them for a long time

21.  Rihanna had a knot in her shoelace

22.  Would you like a cup of coffee?

23.  On the excursion we will go on a tour of the city

24.  The sniffer dog followed the thief’s scent

25.  The magician made the man vanish

26.  The play was an adaptation of the novel

27.  We’ll wait inside till the thunderstorm passes

28.  The girls liked to pretend they were famous singers

29.  I’ve put something special in your bag

30.  Michael drew a quick sketch of the teacher

31.  Oliver painted a picture of a horse

32.  The coach used signals to start the relay

33.  You can rely on Tim to tell the truth\

34.  I have to choose a country to do my project on

35.  We caught public transport to the game

36.  I enjoy reading about the animal world

37.  Just about anything can be made from plastic

38.  Anne likes to play squash on Sundays

39.  An adjective describes a noun

40.  The visitor stayed for three hours

41.  My dad says he is never wrong

42.  I could not hear a sound

43.  Angela had a hole in her stocking

44.  The sign warned us not to go any further

45.  Make sure you turn the lights off

46.  I would like to travel to Hawaii

47.  We need to buy plain flour for the cake

48.  Our passports were stamped with a visa

49.  It was not our usual teacher

50.  There are twenty children in my class

51.  The stem of a plant is also called the stalk

52.  It was an amazing achievement

53.  We left the party as it was nearly 9 o’clock

54.  Ali took the smallest piece of cake

55.  We have five senses

56.  Xaliver hoped he had passed the test

57.  An umbrella is useful in the rain

58.  The new car has special features

59.  A limerick is a funny poem

60.  The whole nation supported their team at the Olympics

61.  Students will read and discuss various texts

62.  A teenager is often called an adolescent

63.  I have known them for a long time

64.  Tom works on a building site

65.  Are you right or left handed?

66.  The elephant made the man vanish

67.  I am making a card for my mother

68.  The thief stole my new guitar

69.  Drivers must stay within the speed limits

70.  Cal used a different method to find the answer

71.  Elliot loves the sour taste of lemons

72.  You should pitch a tent on level ground

73.  We had tinned spaghetti for breakfast

74.  The ball was thrown to the opposition

75.  You need a passport to travel to another country

76.  He didn’t solve the problem

77.  The damaged car was parked on the roadside

78.  Food, water and shelter are some of our basic needs

79.  The hikers turned back because the track was too rough

80.  We had a short recess, then went back to class

81.  We checked the timetable before we left for the station

82.  The cleaner is using the vacuum cleaner

83.  I would love to settle here

84.  The owner of the car was angry when someone ran into him

85.  The new sale items were placed prominently on the shelves

86.  Seventeen take away one is sixteen

87.  The scuba divers explored the wreck

88.  A walnut is hard to crack

89.  The circus act included a sword swallower

90.  A stream of cold air came through the open window

91.  It has been a good season for apples

92.  Ashley broke the record for the high jump

93.  The sale included a limit of four items

94.  The ice had melted to liquid and ran everywhere

95.  Roxy gave birth to six healthy puppies




Level 2

  1. The traffic remained stationary for forty minutes
  2. A room at the hotel was still available
  3. We should always maintain good personal hygiene
  4. The broadcast was run commercial free
  5. We drank lemonade at the party
  6. Dad bought a new car today
  7. I aimed my bowling ball at the solitary pin
  8. The binoculars made the bird appear closer
  9. The house is in a desirable location
  10. Food and water are necessary for life
  11. Please wear appropriate clothing to the dance
  12. Do you speak a foreign language?
  13. He is a very reliable man
  14. It is important to follow the correct procedure
  15. The children received a pamphlet after assembly
  16. My ancestors came from Ireland
  17. A giraffe has a blue tongue
  18. Bridget brought her best pencils to school
  19. Her daughter looks just like her
  20. The Egyptian mummy was on display at the museum
  21. The party was by invitation only
  22. I like to check my answers with a calculator
  23. There are many consequences of global warming
  24. Alex was given an opportunity to perform
  25. There were many balloons at the party
  26. The plot developed as the story unfolded
  27. I think my bike has a puncture
  28. The boys were in a dangerous situation
  29. The police were able to seize the stolen property
  30. Winning is secondary, we play for the fun of sport
  31. It takes time to build relationships of trust
  32. The prospector used a sieve to separate the gold
  33. Our school held a chess competition
  34. The artificial flowers looked real
  35. Quotation marks are used to indicate speech
  36. Look at the problem from other perspectives
  37. The police have the authority to enforce the law
  38. We should refrigerate the milk
  39. In my leisure time I like to read
  40. Quarantine helps to stop the spread of disease
  41. What conclusions have you reached?
  42. Paddy wore a disguise to the party
  43. Heavy rains resulted in the saturation of the soil
  44. A brisk walk after dinner will stimulate digestion
  45. They were living in a very poor condition
  46. For dessert we had a piece of apple pie
  47. A seismograph is an instrument used for measuring an earthquake
  48. The letter was signed, yours sincerely
  49. Dad says we have a huge mortgage to pay
  50. We gave sincere thanks to our sponsors
  51. The dancers all had great rhythm
  52. I would like to quadruple my savings by next year
  53. What was causing all the excitement ?
  54. The spectator cheered when a goal was scored
  55. Please be cautious when crossing the road
  56. It was the anniversary of the siege of the castle
  57. A paragraph begins on a new line
  58. My sister and I have separate bedrooms
  59. Do you know that politician?
  60. Nick enjoyed learning about the geography of new countries
  61. Ali attended an international sporting event
  62. These afternoon there will be an hour of relaxation
  63. The police are in pursuit of the robbers
  64. The patient was still conscious
  65. My previous school was near the mountains
  66. The audience went wild when the band started
  67. I especially enjoy the warmth of summer
  68. I think my bike has a puncture
  69. Food and water are necessary for life
  70. To stop bleeding, pressure should be applied to the wound
  71. The game was played although it was still raining
  72. Leah bought a sapphire ring
  73. The student had permission to attend the carnival
  74. Please write your signature next to your name
  75. We use an electronic calculator at school
  76. The atmosphere at the stadium was electric
  77. Do you know the population of your country?
  78. Luke plays the trumpet in the orchestra
  79. The sun is a sphere of burning gas
  80. The doors will close automatically
  81. The narrator pronounced the words clearly
  82. The astronaut travelled into outer space
  83. Even though it was raining, we still played the game
  84. There was the worrisome possibility of hurricane damage on the coast
  85. She was wearing a bikini, despite the fact that it was snowing outside
  86. We were concerned the punishment would be severe




Level 3

1.         He stared down into the dark abyss

2.         He had a very strong accent

3.         The acoustics in the cave were excellent for a recital

4.         Duncan is an adept chess player

5.         Nobody could confirm his alibi at the time of murder

6.         It was an arduous journey across the mountains

7.         It is important that you do not get led astray by your peers

8.         The king gave a wedding banquet for his son

9.         Anne has joined the baton twirling squad

10.      His neck began to chafe from the stiff collar

11.      Ben will sometimes gnash his teeth when he is asleep

12.      He took a financial risk and suffered a grievous loss

13.      We were interested in the historic artwork

14.      After several attempts the explorers were successful

15.      Hiroto made the suggestion of a chess competition

16.      My brother studied information technology

17.      Kris bought a new television

18.      Don’t tempt thieves by leaving property on display

19.      We agreed to meet on the twentieth of the month

20.      Our society values uniqueness

21.      Dad cleaned the floor with the vacuum cleaner

22.      An agreement is void when obtained by force

23.      Emelia plays the trumpet in the orchestra

24.      Enzyme activity can be affected by other molecules

25.      A colleague of mine will be speaking at the conference

26.      The texture of mohair resembles fine human hair

27.      He is a very perceptive young man

28.      The actual cost of the repair was much higher than the quote

29.      Brandon works as an accountant for that firm

30.      He had a major plumbing fiasco where pipes burst and flooded his house

31.      The new shirts were made from synthetic material

32.      The job requires manual dexterity

33.      Her face began to contort with rage

34.      The movie tells an incredible story of survival

35.      I was in a dilemma about who to take to the concert

36.      There are many complications of jaundice

37.      Lichen occurs in some of the most extreme environments

38.      The country was devastated by the earthquake

39.      After the hose is attached to the fire hydrant, the valve is opened

40.      A transfer embargo was placed on the football club

41.      We should all learn to deal with adversity

42.      The accountant recorded the transaction in the ledger

43.      A circle has an infinite number of lines of symmetry

44.      We looked through the window

45.      An opportune rain shower gave them an excuse to leave early

46.      I’d like to join but I’m not eligible yet

47.      More efficient methods will make production more sustainable

48.      Stance, balance and coordination are important techniques of karate

49.      The work requires intense concentration

50.      He has been merciless in his criticism of others

51.      Carbon dating can be used to determine how old a specimen is

52.      A snake has a forked tongue

53.      The Black Death was a major epidemic in the 1300’s

54.      The house was so clean; there was not a particle of dirt anywhere

55.      He had a major plumbing fiasco where pipes burst and flooded his house

56.      Work is not in her lexicon

57.      The timing of the announcement was accidental

58.      She received an award for academic excellence

59.      It was not possible to foresee the consequences of our actions

60.      We had to plaster and sand the walls before painting

61.      Paddy is a frequent visitor to the museum

62.      The police broke up the fracas in the bar

63.      Kail was desperate to win the competition

64.      Symptom can be a sign of an illness

65.      At the camp we did canoeing, rock climbing and archery

66.      Wearing a life jacket will increase chances of survival in an accident

67.      Unfortunately the event was cancelled because of the rain

68.      Technological developments have reduced physical barriers to communication

69.      The new stadium can seat almost 100000 people

70.      It is quite ordinary for a cat to chase a mouse

71.      The leopard consumes any animal it can hunt down and catch

72.      The fire was started by a negligent smoker

73.      Dean likes to slather butter on his toast

74.      Half the city was destroyed by a disastrous fire

75.      I like to dip fruit into chocolate fondue

76.      I bought a rug made by a local artisan

77.      We wandered around the bazaar looking to buy gifts

78.      He plays harmonica on all his songs on the album

79.      The sticks were arranged in a lattice array

80.      I can play the xylophone

81.      The trial turned into a melodrama

82.      The blood was sent off to the pathology department

83.      A triangular bandage can be used as a sling

84.      I was forewarned about the vicious dog at that house

85.      Extreme fatigue and weight gain are symptoms of iodine deficiency

86.      We agreed to meet on the twentieth of the month

87.      Margot Fonteyn became the greatest ballerina in the world

88.      The tennis tournament was about to start

89.      Even though it was raining, we still played the game

90.      Humans normally have eight incisors

91.      Several small children can create havoc in a house

92.      She is a formidable opponent in the race for world champion

93.      He has been merciless in his criticism of others

94.      I loathe having to do this

95.      I watched a fascinating documentary about meerkats

96.      He suffered from insomnia almost his whole life

97.      There was some structural damage caused by the earthquake

98.      Marzipan can be rolled into thin sheets and glazed for icing cakes

99.      Some farmers need to irrigate their crops

100.    My new car is a metallic green

101.    A carafe of cold water was placed on the table

102.    After the pool, we had a game of badminton

103.    There was an important omission in the report




Level 4

1.         Modern pewter is lead-free and safe to use with food and drink

2.         The pulmonary arteries carry deoxygenated blood from the heart to the lungs

3.         He has written a memoir of his mother

4.         The dispute was settled by arbitration

5.         The sternum is connected to the rib bones by cartilage

6.         She could not keep up the masquerade any longer

7.         All sushi has a base of specially prepared rice

8.         Their group does not affiliate themselves with any political groups

9.         We must find an equilibrium between commercial development and conservation

10.      Neuralgia is often difficult to diagnose

11.      A knife with a serrated edge will cut tomato easily

12.      The swinging trapeze requires a great deal of strength, grace and flexibility

13.      A priceless family heirloom has been stolen

14.      Consult a beautician about how your skin should be cared

15.      The college was a beneficiary of the private grant

16.      The study of alchemy was an early form of chemistry

17.      A clipboard utility lets you save words, phrases or whole documents

18.      An arbitrary number has been assigned to each district

19.      There was a sense of urgency about the whole situation

20.      A carcinoma can have monotonous appearing cells

21.      He was charged as an accomplice to the crime

22.      It is an historic axiom that history repeats itself

23.      The company was charged with negligence in the manufacture of the vehicle

24.      Quinine was first used to treat malaria in Rome in 1631

25.      They are restoring the hotel to its original grandeur

26.      Email correspondence has become extremely important for modern businesses

27.      Hang gliding gives an exhilarating feeling of flying

28.      He plays the villain in most of his movies

29.      The bourgeoisie is the middle class of society

30.      Some people find violence in film abhorrent

31.      He decided to get a tattoo, to the chagrin of his parents

32.      Several of the employees are bilingual

33.      A stylus is pointed at one end, and made to fit into the hand comfortably

34.      Not all contaminants are easily treated by bioremediation

35.      The archipelago with the most islands in the world is in Finland

36.      Rosemary and thyme are growing in the herb garden

37.      The Druids believed that hanging mistletoe from your doorway protected you from evil spirits

38.      One of the best-known sonnet writers is William Shakespeare

39.      Every type of dermatitis has different symptoms

40.      The city ran an aggressive campaign to encourage recycling

41.      The town fathers decided to build an impressive basilica

42.      The primary process in physical weathering is abrasion

43.      Email correspondence has become extremely important for modern business

44.      Bitumen is mainly used to produce paving materials

45.      The word hypocrite comes from the Greek word for actor

46.      Flooding has been a persistent problem in the area this year

47.      Focaccia doughs are similar in style and texture to pizza dough

48.      A modern ventriloquist uses different types of puppets

49.      Proper sanitation routines can prevent cholera

50.      Some people believe chicken soup is a panacea for everything

51.      A facsimile of the world’s first computer was on display at the museum

52.      Some people find violence in film abhorrent

53.      I normally have a cavalier approach to rules and regulations

54.      I took a baccalaureate at e European school

55.      At the top of the cliff there was a small kibbutz

56.      Her exuberant personality makes her fun to be around

57.      The museum has put its latest acquisition on display

58.      A regatta is a racing event of unpowered water craft

59.      Pesticide use raises a number of environmental concerns

60.      Guava leaves are used in folk medicine

61.      A legionnaire is respected for his fighting prowess

62.      The famous actress wanted to remain incognito on her holiday

63.      It was dark, cold and there was a putrid smell of something rotten

64.      Leather is pliable and therefore easy to work with

65.      An apprentice does their training on the job

66.      In the sixties, many teenagers took on an androgynous appearance

67.      An alkali is a base that can dissolve in water

68.      The bronchial arteries help supply the lungs with oxygenated blood

69.      The dachshund has unusually large and paddle-shaped paws for digging

70.      The government decided to amalgamate the hospital and the university

71.      Angry workers were responsible for the sabotage of the machines

72.      A decorative chandelier hung from the ceiling to the floor

73.      The doctors say his prognosis is good

74.      Aspirin is effective in controlling headaches

75.      The flowers smell most pungent at night time

76.      The samurai used various weapons including the swords and clubs

77.      In olden days, the apothecary had few drugs that actually cured anything

78.      The silver teapot sat on the mahogany table

79.      With a full rain suit, carrying an umbrella is superfluous

80.      In single-engine aircraft, the fuselage usually contains the engine

81.      Cotton is a naturally absorbent material

82.      The cruise ship offers sumptuous furnishings and exquisite cuisine

83.      The case against him is circumstantial

84.      Serpentine is a very common mineral and is found world-wide

85.      A guard armed with a bludgeon roamed the compound

86.      They are restoring the hotel to its original grandeur

87.      The incandescent coals of the fire glowed in the darkness

88.      She opened the windows to ventilate the room

89.      Some side effects of a decongestant can be sleeplessness, and dizziness

90.      Cough tablets are called a lozenge, based on their original shape

91.      Peter is a virtuoso on the violin

92.      An alkali is a base that can dissolve in water

93.      He became maudlin and started to cry

94.      The biggest tragedy is that the accident could have been prevented

95.      The sap of the bougainvillea can cause skin rashes

96.      Brushing your teeth prevents the build up of plaque

97.      A vaccine does not guarantee complete protection against a disease

98.      Do you have the stamina to finish the job?

99.      A Mercedes carries a certain cachet

100.  Loud talking at the opera would be considered gauche and uncultured

101.  The trade agreement was advantageous to both countries

102.  Perishable products should be kept in a cool place

103.  He was nonchalant about winning the award

104.  The thick brushstrokes give the painting a tactile quality

105.  It was a ludicrous attempt to forge his father’s signature

106.  Bears scavenge in the woods for food

107.  An agrarian society is one that is based on agriculture as its prime means of support

108.  We had to cajole them into going to see their cousins

109.  We have a signed affidavit stating that the two men were seen entering the building

110.  We’re developing new methods of paper manufacture

111.  The job has low pay and low prestige

112.  Infant botulism has no long-term side effects

113.  The arabesque position is where the dancer stands on one leg

114.  Too much alcohol can cause symptoms of vertigo




Level 5

1.   The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog

2.   He was a loquacious and glib politician

3.   The guest was a scintillating conversationalist

4.   The ship was drawn into the maelstrom

5.   The cerebellum is located at the bottom of the brain

6.   The entire area was under constant camera surveillance

7.   I heard an animal caterwaul in my back yard last night

8.   The typical capriccio is fast and intense

9.   The diaphragm is a sheet of internal muscle across the bottom of the rib cage

10.  The croissant is a crescent-shaped pastry

11.  Cardiothoracic surgery is the treatment of diseases affecting organs inside the thorax

12.  The teacher was unhappy with the student’s piece of puerile writing.

13.  The defibrillator applies electrical energy to an affected heart

14.  The nasturtium grows easily and prolifically, and all parts are eligible

15.  A sesquipedalian television commentator uses lots of long words

16.  The actress sat by the pool sipping a mango daiquiri

17.  The greatest barrier to a paradigm shift is the inability to see beyond current models of thinking

18.  My mother was a woman of indefatigable patience

19.  The chrysanthemum was first cultivated in China as a flowering herb

20.  The glockenspiel has metal plates or tubes, and is higher in pitch than a xylophone

21.  Cochineal is a traditional red dye, originally from a scale insect

22.  He was a pertinacious salesman who would not take no for an answer

23.  The proper embouchure is important for a full, clear tone when playing a wind instrument

24.  Gardening can be very therapeutic

25.  The science of ichthyology is the study of fish

26.  Nomenclature is the naming of things

27.  Tom’s walls are covered with all sorts of sporting paraphernalia

28.  The landscape was a kaleidoscope of changing patterns

29.  The Auditorium Building in Chicago has a proscenium arch

30.  Fluorescent chartreuse yellow is sometimes used for tennis balls to make them easier to see

31.  Is it a woman’s prerogative to change her mind?

32.  She thought she was sick; she had never felt such impuissance

33.  The ballerina performed a perfectly executed pirouette

34.  The toxic poison strychnine can be used as a pesticide

35.  The essay made a facetious comment on life in the new millennium

36.  There is great camaraderie among the team mates

37.  The detective could see the silhouette of a male at the end of the alley

38.  A tactical air reconnaissance was carried out before the military operation

39.  An indomitable spirit was needed to endure the harshness of pioneer life

40.  Formaldehyde is a gas at room temperature

41.  Each year the city holds a pyrotechnic display to celebrate New Year

42.  Guacamole is an avocado-based dip, originating in Mexico

43.  The decrepit mansion had a sepulchral tone that gave us a chill

44.  He was fired for making lascivious remarks to a fellow worker

45.  There are at least thirty six species of dahlia in the world

46.  A mastectomy is usually done to treat breast cancer

47.  Canals are often built through an isthmus to create a shortcut

48.  In the play’s denouement, the two lovers kill themselves

49.  A medical diagnostician has a medical degree and diagnoses and treats diseases

50.  A centrifuge puts an object in rotation around a fixed axis

51.  The sound of barking dogs and sirens added to the cacophony of the streets

52.  Jurisprudence is the theory and philosophy of law

53.  Some petroglyph images had deep cultural significance

54.  Yoga exercises can sometimes ease the symptoms of sciatica

55.  The fugue is a style of composition in two or more voices

56.  A poltergeist may move things around and make loud, unexplained noises

57.  Each chapter of the novel began with an interesting vignette

58.  Roger is competing in the rogaining championship in Victoria

59.  Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arranging

60.  When you start the metronome, the pendulum will oscillate rhythmically

61.  Decoupage uses common household materials to create exquisite effects

62.  He was late for their rendezvous

63.  He was an unquestioning, ordinary bureaucrat government

64.  Hieroglyphics is the picture script of the ancient Egyptian priesthood

65.  Cirrhosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease

66.  Chiaroscuro uses contrasts of light and dark to achieve a sense of volume

67.  Hiromi is an accomplished flautist and played the shakuhachi at the concert

68.  Conjunctivitis is the result of an infection or allergic