UTMost Innovation 2011

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Kemarin ikut lomba inovasi bahan terbuang.

UTMost Innovation 2011, Waste to Green Energy.

Diselenggarakan oleh UTM. Meskipun kami tidak membawa trophy atau gelar juara, tapi kami mendapat pengalaman berharga yang tersimpan di dalam hati.

Kami belajar banyak hal. Belajar untuk bersikap baik kepada semua orang, belajar untuk mengenali berbagai macam jenis orang, belajar untuk bersabar, belajar untuk memahami profesi guru, belajar untuk menerima kenyataan, belajar untuk mengenal dunia yang sebenarnya, dan belajar banyak lagi hal lain.

Kadang, imajinasi tidak sesuai dengan realiti.

Terima kasih untuk :

  • Kawan se-tim : Nuraina Syuhada Abdul Rahim, Nurul Ain Md Israk, Siti Hajar Saimi, Zaynab Almardhiyyah Ainullotfi.
  • Ustaz-Ustazah yang banyak membantu : Ustazah Munira, Ustazah Seri Juli, Ustazah Norizah, Ustaz Omar, Ustaz Iswan, Ustaz Bina, Ustaz Novrian.
  • Kawan-kawan yang banyak memberikan support, doa, dan semangat.
  • Pihak-pihak lain yang tak mungkin disebutkan satu persatu.

Semoga Allah membalas mereka dengan ganjaran yang lebih dari yang telah mereka berikan. Aamiin.

*Well, journal dan slide yang kami buat ternyata kurang diperlukan untuk pertandingan. Mungkin dengan kutayangkan di sini akan lebih bermanfaat.


*Bina Izzatu Dini, *Nuraina Syuhada Abdul Rahim, *Nurul Ain Md Israk, *Siti Hajar Saimi, *Zaynab Almardhiyyah Ainullotfi

*Imtiyaz, Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah Johor Bahru, 2011*


A lot of people invent alternatives for fuel, but how many invent alternative for cooking gas? Cooking gas is one of the uses of petroleum. Petroleum will extinct someday, and when it does, what will replace cooking gas? Through this project, it will not solve this problem, but along the way, it will solve a few other problems.

1. Introduction

Petroleum is a nonrenewable energy. It will be extinct someday. Therefore, people now are trying to find another renewable energy to replace petroleum.

Nowadays, people produce so much garbage every day. No solution found except by founding a dumping ground which has negative effects. It produces pollution and contributes to the greenhouse effect. It also affects the surrounding area by the smell.

The aim of this journal is to find the solution to replace petroleum as energy source by producing biogas from garbage.

This journal is bordered on garbage of bio waste and it includes Malaysia only.

2. Explanation

Petroleum is one of the nonrenewable resource. Once it is finished, it will take time to produce more petroleum. It will take more than million years to produce new petroleum, which by then, humans may not live anymore. Petroleum has a lot of uses that makes life easier. One of the common uses of petroleum is cooking gas. If petroleum is to be extinct, we need to prepare a suitable alternatives for cooking gas, so we can keep cooking easier for mums and chefs.

Garbage produces methane gas which  contributes to green house effect. In other words, it contributes in global warming. Global warming is making life hard enough for most people as world wide temperature rose by one or two degree and the worst thing is iceberg has begun to melt. We can reduce the global warming contributed by methane in garbage by doing this project. Methane can be used as cooking gas. Therefore, it would help in solving two problems; the extinction of petroleum source for cooking gas and the effect of methane in global warming.

Biogas is a gas produced by the biological breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It consists of methane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The main composition of biogas is methane and carbon dioxide but it is proved that methane has higher percentage in biogas as methane is 50-75% compared to carbon dioxide which is 25-50%. Therefore, if methane can be extracted, it can be used as cooking gas just like natural gas we used now.

The biogas process is started with collecting garbage from dumping ground to the biogas plants. Then, the garbage will be sorted in categories of bio waste and pure waste. The bio waste then will be shredded into smaller pieces for easier fermentation. After the fermentation process ended, the biogas will go through a separation process to isolate methane from the other gases in biogas. Finally, methane will be distributed to houses and it can be used as cooking gas just like natural gas.

The advantages of biogas are manifold. Biogas plants considerably reduce the greenhouse effects on the earth’s atmosphere by recycling waste. They also protect many natural resources, as they work to prevent waste, as well as provide a more environmentally friendly energy source. Biogas has a positive effect on rural health conditions. Biogas plants help to decrease the occurrence of respiratory diseases. A considerable decrease in cases of asthma, eye infections and lung diseases have been noted in areas where there have been implementation of many biogas plants. Biogas project will also improve balance of trade and reduce the dependency on energy imports. Government will have more benefit as the low cost of production process.

3. Conclusion

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that production of biogas from bio-waste is effective and sustainable to replace the use of petroleum. It is not only solving one problem, it also contributes in solving a few more problems regarding garbage, bio waste and nature.






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  2. as geography teacher..the issue of nonreneweble resourse was always discussing in the class…what your team hv done is thumb up.


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