Assalamualaikum n Salam sejahtera.

Just to update myself, I’m currently in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, China, taking a mandarin preparation for 1 year in Shaoguan University and insha Allah will further study here.

Shaoguan’s very nice. Alhamdulillah. Friends, lecturers, food, the city, dorm, all of them are great.
This new life, I’m gonna love it.

Oh, but mandarin language is complicated. I need to work hard.

p.s. anything but ordinary, may I?


2 thoughts on “Shaoguan

    • ada banyak cara,
      bisa melalui internet, banyak website yang menyediakan international chat and discussion.
      bisa juga secara langsung, rajin-rajinlah pergi ke tempat-tempat yang sering dikunjungi wisatawan mancanegara, aktiflah memulai percakapan.

      semoga membantu


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